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Archive for July 17th, 2013

Considering a Web Based Help Desk Solution?

Help desk industry

Since the rise of the computer age, the help desk industry has enjoyed a steady increase in the need for its services. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 91 percent of Americans own at least a cell phone. As of 2009, according to Gamespot, there were 170 million gamers throughout the United States making use of a wide variety of computer consoles, desktop computers, and various other technologies to connect with people all over the world. That number has only grown in the last four years.

A large majority of help desk jobs are setup to deal with information technology issues. Information technology is defined by Princeton.edu as being a branch of engineering that “deals with use of computers and telecommunications” to retrieve, store, and transmit information. In our current age of c

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Swing set safety tips and checklist

Best trampolines for kids

Since 1980 worldwide obesity has doubled. One third of children born from 2000 onwards will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives unless the issue of diabetes childhood obesity is addressed. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing obesity and helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles. It prevents diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It reduces anxiety and promotes psychological well being, especially in children. And in children, it is easier to instill good habits before they reach the age of ten. This includes physical activity. And one way to introduce and instill in children the value and appreciation for physical activity is to give them backyard swingset or playground set . But before you go out there with your kids and have

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