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The Use of Stormwater Filters

What are the dangers associated with storm drain water because of manufacturing

Stormwater filters help to eliminate point source water pollution, a term that refers to pollutants the can be traced to a singular source. These pollutants include industrial discharge, food processing waste, fertilizers, and silt, among other substances. Domestic sewage is only comprised of 0.1 percent pollutants, surprisingly. Storm drainage, while it effectively eliminates most flooding from urban or commercial areas, often requires stormwater management in order to keep fresh water sources unadulterated. Any body of water, and its animal and plant constituents, is affected by stormwater runoff and pollution, and a nine year study in California found that more than half of the water bodies they monitored had some degree of toxicity. Not only does stormwater pollution harm animal and plant life in the fresh water sources, but it also contaminates our drinking, bathing, and cooking water as well. For this reason, stormwater filters are almost a necessity. Stormwater treatment is also considered to be an important factor in maintaining the health of our waterways, but stormwater filters are the first line of defense against potential pollutants.

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