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Archive for June 11th, 2013

Preparing For Pageant Interview Questions

Pageant interview coach

A beauty pageant is a competition that is primarily focused on the beauty of the contestants, but also judges based on their talent and personality as well. While some may think that all you have to do to win a beauty pageant is to show up and look nice, that could not be farther from the truth. Being a contestant in one of these competitions takes a lot of work and preparation. There are a number of pageant interview questions that will be asked so that contestants can be judged based on their responses and stage presence. In order to prepare for these pageant interview questions, it is highly recommended that all entrants hire respective pageant coaches to help guide them through all that is expected of them.

The very first modern American beauty pageant was put forth by P.T. Barnum is 1854 and has since grown immensely in popularity with some international pageants having thousands of local competitions. Entrants that wish to win the pageant will have to go above and beyond to prepare for all that is ahead of them. Hiring a pageant interview coach to help get you ready for the pageant interview questions that will be asked is extremely important. Aside from the pageant interview questions, a quality pageant coaching service will instruct you on everything from stage presence to how you can better prepare for the journey ahead.

The Little Miss America Pageant was held in 1961 in New Jersey and was considered the premiere beauty pageant for children. In modern times, there are beauty pageants for people of all ages and many of them have extremely stiff competition. Competitors that are serious about winning are best advised to study any pageant interview questions that are commonly asked so they can be prepared for whatever comes their way. Not only will the judges be listening to the answers of these pageant interview questions, but also the audience and anyone that is watching on television should it be televised.

Did you know that Florida, California and New York hold the most pageants out of all the states in the United States? Entrants that are going to be headed to one of these areas will likely be taking part in some highly competitive fields. While looks are important in a beauty pageant, they will only get you so far and then it comes time to show off other areas of your personality and intellect. Hiring a coach to help you prepare for various pageant interview questions should help you become a more well rounded contestant overall.


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