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What You Should Know About Fire Extingushiers

Fire extinguishers are critical safety devices that control a small fire until professional help arrives. The YouTube video explains how to use a fire extinguisher. You’ll predominantly find them in commercial businesses where they play a crucial role in the health and safety plan of the company. However, they could also be critical in homes should a fire break out.

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There are five different classes of fire extinguishers that each deal with a different type of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

The first are Class A fire extinguishers. These are used for combustible materials such as paper, wood, rubber, cloth, and plastic. The second is Class B fire extinguishers. These devices are used for fires fueled by flammable liquids such as solvents, gasoline, or oil. The third is Class C, which is used to combat fires produced by electrical equipment. Class D fire extinguishers are used for flames caused by combustible metals; the last is Class K, used in commercial kitchens.

Furthermore, these classes are further identified through ratings. The numerical ratings indicate how effective the extinguisher is at fighting flames in its particular class. The ratings include letters and numbers such as 2A or 30B: C. The higher the number in the rating, the more effective the fire extinguisher is at fighting fires in a particular class. If there are fire extinguishers in a home, all home members must know how to use them effectively.


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