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5 Incredible Electrical Hacks

Here are five essential electrical hacks to benefit all electricians and anyone who handles electrical appliances and components. Starting with the fifth tip, it cautions against using twist wire connectors since they have small metal cases in their interior, making it challenging to know whether you are making a positive connection. Their best replacement is lever nuts with a couple of inserts.

The fourth tip involves not twisting together cut wires but using a shrink tubing where you hook the ends of the exposed wires together to tie a knot and slide the shrink tubing to seal and protect the wire.

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The third tip for electricians is to avoid tossing away a broken cord. You must replace the damaged old plug part with a standard three-prong replacement plug. The second one is to work with the grain when screwing terminals and use a u-type or a fork connector when connecting stranded wires.

The first tip for electricians is to stop using classic wire strippers as it involves guesswork in knowing the size of the wire you are stripping. The best alternative is using the modern style, universal wire strippers, to make striping the cables easier.

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