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What to Know Before Investing in Security Systems

Deciding between home security cameras or a burglar alarm system can be a challenge. This video offers insights into the pros and cons of burglar alarms and security cameras, which can help homeowners choose the right security systems for protecting their property and their families.

Burglar alarms once served as effective deterrents against criminals. Slow response times from law enforcement, however, have made these security systems less useful for protecting homes and people.

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Worst of all, burglar alarms alert homeowners and police only after an intruder has already tried to enter the home. This leaves only a short window of time to react to these dangerous situations.

By contrast, security cameras have evolved to include a wide range of functions that can provide early warning for homeowners. Alerts, facial recognition functions, and video recording capabilities are designed to allow proactive responses to unwanted guests at doors, in yards, or elsewhere on private property. Rather than paying a monthly fee for remote monitoring of a burglar alarm, camera security systems put the power to respond in the hands of homeowners. This can reduce false alarms while speeding up police response in an emergency.

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