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Ultimate Guide to Fiber Optics Cabling

Are you curious as to what a fiber optics integrator is? Do you want to learn all about fiber optics cabling? Well, you are in luck. In this video, an expert will go over everything you should know about fiber optics cabling and how you can make sure you are doing it correctly at home.

There are different kind of fiber connectors that can be used. These can be an ST connector, an LC connector, an SC connector, and an MTRJ.

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Each of these connectors stand for something different, so let’s get into that now.

An ST connector can stand for:

  • Straight Tip
  • Bayonet
  • An LC connector can stand for:

  • Lucent Connector
  • Local Connector
  • Little Connector
  • An SC connector can stand for:

  • Subscriber Connector
  • Standard Connector
  • Square Connector
  • An MTRJ can stand for:

  • Media Termination Recommended Jack
  • Mechanical Transfer
  • Watch this entire video to learn the basics of fiber optics cabling and how it all works. Learn from a professional about all of these different connectors and see how they can be used throughout households and businesses like your own.


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