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How are Residential Garage Doors Made?

Most modern homes come with residential garage doors. These doors make opening and closing your garage a breeze. With the push of a button, the door will open or close. In this video, you will learn how these garage doors are made.

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Most residential garage doors have three to four panels that pivot as the garage door is opened of closed. These doors start out as simply a sheet of aluminum or steel. These materials are crucial because they can handle extreme heat or cold. These sheets can be painted or textured for aesthetics. Next, a machine will cut these panels to the correct sizes while another machine folds the edges to create connection joints. Metal plates are then glued to the back of the plates to add additional support.

Next, an aluminum bar is connected to each panel. After this, insulation is added to the hollow inside of the door. A weather seal is also installed to the bottom of the door to keep water and wind out of the garage. Finally, the workers add other details such as windows. During the installation process, hinges connect the panels together.


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