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Different Kinds of Stainless Steel Clamps

There are a lot of different kinds of stainless steel clamps. In the video, “Stainless Steel Clamps and Saddles,” we learn about some of these options.

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The first clamp that is discussed is a hinge clamp. A hinge clamp is designed to have a hinge on one side and a bolt on the other side. Hinge clamps are used if you need to get into tight spaces and can be installed with ease. The fact that there is only one bolt is what makes hinge clamps so easy to install.

A saddle is different from a hinge because instead of having a hinge it has bolts on both sides of the clamp.

Plain clamps are clamps that allow for welding to be done on the clamp. This is beneficial because it allows for a wider array of options when it comes to how you can use the clamp.

All in all, there are a lot of different options when it comes to stainless steel clamps. These were a few of the basic kinds, but if you look further you can find any ones that were missed. Whatever your needs may be there is a clamp to help you.


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