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Patching and Repairing a Tennis Court

Tennis courts are typically made of asphalt or concrete. Because of this, tennis court repairs aren’t much different than the repairs needed for your home driveway. These materials can experience cracks that can lead to severe damage in the foundation of the court and could even lead to injuries.

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That’s why it’s important to address any cracks or imperfections in a tennis court as early as possible.

Acrylic patch binder is your best bet for filling and repairing cracks in a tennis court. You can find containers of this at home improvement and hardware stores, as well as sports supply shops. Acrylic patch binder is designed to be mixed at the job site with sand and cement. Once everything it’s combined, you’re left with a fast-drying and exceptionally durable patching material.

To use the material, you’ll pour the patch mix into the center of the area that needs repairing. You can use a wooden board or metal straight edge to smooth the material over the area on which you’re working. Just make sure that the straight edge is wider than the patch area itself. To learn more about the remainder of this process, watch this informative, step-by-step video.

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