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Building Memories with Family Team Building

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Many think of team building activities as being specific to corporations or organizations. They’re actually also wonderful family activity ideas, helping siblings and their parents to learn how to work together, develop problem solving skills, foster coordination, and improve communication. It’s no secret that family outdoor activities are great for refreshing stressed minds and bodies, but the addition of team building to family fun days can really boost important interpersonal skills and help families learn to communicate and interact more effectively.

Here, we’ll look at some family activities for kids and parents that will encourage teamwork and improve family communication. These great weekend family activities will certainly be fun for all and produce great results.

Favorite Charades

Similar to standard charades, this variation is intended to help extended families or families with younger kids to familiarize themselves with one another’s interests. Each person takes a turn acting out something they enjoy doing while the rest of the family tried to guess what they are trying to show. Add additional rounds for favorite food, book, or television show.

All Under

This volleyball game emphasizes teamwork and requires a volleyball net and a balloon or beach ball. All players start on one side of the net. The first player serves the ball up, then ducks under the net. The second person hits the ball and also ducks under the net. Continue until the final person hits the ball and ducks under the net. The goal is to move everyone back and forth under the net without letting the ball touch the ground or leave the boundaries.

Cooperative Musical Chairs

This doesn’t always occur to people considering family activity ideas, but it can be plenty of fun and very effective. Play musical chairs as usual, but don’t put anyone out. When you remove the chairs, everyone continues to circle and must find a way for everyone to sit on the remaining chairs without any feet touching the floor.

Human Knot

The Human Knot is one of the most popular team building games and can be played with as few as three people, though more players make the game more challenging and fun. Everyone stands in a circle and reaches both hands into the middle. Each player grabs the hands of two different people who are not beside them directly. Once everyone is holding hands, untangle the knot without letting go of one another.

These family activity ideas are great ways to get your family interacting, communicating, and learning how to interact effectively. Use them on a family fun day, weekend getaway, or family reunion to build lifelong bonds and build family trust and memories. More on this.

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