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Protecting Boats, Cars, and RVs with a Car Port

Metal carports

The term car port can be traced back to the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He believed that cars are not horses and therefore do not need to be housed in barns, but instead in a port. Hence, the term car port was invented.

Car ports are small, freestanding metal structures that are used to provide shelter or extra storage. Originally a car port was indented for use by car owners who were looking for extra storage. However, after RVs hit the scene in 1910, owners of these oversized vehicles found it difficult to store their vehicles on their property and turned to metal garages or car ports as a storage alternative.

A car port can also be used to storage a boat. Over the past few years, many people have started to rely upon a car port to provide storage and shelter to their boats. In fact, car ports are used so often as a piece of boating equipment that they are factored into the average retail sales for boats. This inclusion of a car port may have helped determine the 2011 retail sales of boating and marine services, which increased by six percent in one year.

Building a car port is extremely easy. Many retail and home improvement stores sell metal car port kits. People can purchase these kits, which include instructions and all the materials, and built their garage buildings on their property. These carport building kits make setting up one of the metal structures extremely easy and cost effective.

In addition to providing extra storage for vehicles and boats, many people like to use metal carports because of their ecofriendly materials. Most metal car port building kits come with steel materials. Steel is considered an EnviroMetal because it is made out of recycled metals but still has a high, touch quality to it.
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