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Facing Tax Penalties? Clear Debts Quickly to Get the IRS Off Your Back

Irs tax debt

If an individual owes the IRS between $10,000 and $25,000, they should probably consider hiring a tax professional in order to get some back tax help. One of the biggest factors for a financially distressed tax payer is failure to pay penalties, like IRS garnishments. If an individual is facing IRS garnishments, they will have to find a way to achieve tax debt relief. Doing so will allow them to stop wage garnishments and other tax penalties.

The most common practice that individuals will use to challenge IRS penalties is the abatement process. By using it properly, taxpayers will be able to clear their debts and avoid IRS garnishments. Though tax penalty abatement can be effective, it can be difficult, so hiring a tax attorney might be a good idea. Doing so will not only help an individual work through the process of eliminating the threat of IRS garnishments, but may also help them find errors that the IRS made. In fact, it is not uncommon for the IRS to impose penalties improperly because en employee did not understand the law, the facts of a specific case, or both.

During the Civil War, individuals earning between $600 and $10,000 in a year paid a 3 percent tax rate. Nowadays, paying taxes is not so simple. Because of that, many taxpayers get behind and have to find ways to clear their debts in order to avoid harsh penalties like IRS garnishments. Though doing so may take a bit of work and some time, it can be quite worthwhile. IRS garnishments can be very restrictive, so paying debts promptly, if possible, is a good idea. Refernce materials:

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