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How the internet is changing the news industry

The internet has greatly changed the news cycle and the way that news is consumed. No longer dependent on the nightly news broadcast for the day’s events, journalists and news organizations are still grappling with how to deal with the concept of online news. Traditional news organizations, newspapers and the networks, now have to fill content for their online presence as well as their traditional mediums. Most often people first search for info online than any other resource.

Both print and television news industries have suffered as the web has become more ingrained in our daily lives and widely used. Online articles and stories can be published quickly without waiting for the printing press or the television camera. The need for almost real time news has further driven the traditional media to adapt new strategies to stay relevant and still maintain their integrity. Most news organizations are still struggling with their approach to handling online news, looking for a way to find a balance between publishing info online and the stories reported on TV or in print.

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can now publish on the web. This blogging news phenomenon has taken the web by storm. Newspapers and magazines now employ bloggers on staff where they write short form online articles known as blog posts. This trend of blogger news stories has allowed news organizations to publish content on regular and as needed basis. The state of the online news cycle never really ends or flatlines. Bloggers outside of news organizations have also come to gain respect and validation dependent on the quality of their online info.

Online news is ever evolving and has been altered yet again by social media. The adoption of social networks and social media tools, especially micro blogging site, Twitter, are closing the gap between reporting time even more. The real time publishing power of social media allows almost instantaneous reporting by anyone with a mobile phone. News organizations, independent bloggers, writers and websites all use social media as another way to publish their content in a timely fashion. The only thing certain about the online news industry is that it will always be changing, along with the newest advances in technology and communication methods.

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