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Trane AC System Not Working

Can you imagine experiencing the summer heat without an air conditioning unit or AC to cool you off? Having an AC in good working condition is a must in every household, especially when the weather is not so cool. But what happens when the AC is not working and not cooling?

Most of us are not good with these kinds of machines and usually call for the help of professionals in handling these repairs. If you have a Trane AC, there are experts out there who provide Trane AC repair service. There are various brands and models, but experts in AC repair make themselves updated ad informed in order to be able to fix any issue, any time.

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There can be various reasons why your AC is not working or not cooling. The most common reason is when the air filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Another potential cause is incorrect settings in the thermostat. If these are not the reason why your AC is not working right, you might want to check the motor as well.

Watch this video to know more about the reasons your AC is not cooling.


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