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What Zinc Alkaline Plating Looks Like

Electroplating is a method used to coat or cover a metal object with a different type of metal. This can be done for fashionable or functional reasons. A common material used during this process is zinc with an alkaline base. In this video, you will get to watch zinc alkaline plating in action from start to finish. You will gain a better understanding of this process and get an inside look at each of the steps that take place.

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The object is first dipped into a bath of the zinc alkaline where it sits until it is completely coated. Then it is removed and rinsed in various liquids, such as water and nitric acid. Finally, it is dried before going into an oven. The result is an object that looks as though it is made out of zinc when indeed only the outside of it is and the object itself underneath the coating is still original.


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