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Which Work Safety Equipment Will Best Keep You Safe on the Job?

Low profile ear plugs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that fall hazards are the leading cause of injury at construction sites in the United States. Electrocution and being struck by falling or uncontrolled objects are the runners up. That’s why, with so many potential hazards around you at a construction or other work site, it pays to deck yourself out in the most innovative, advanced work safety equipment you can get your hands on.

The classic Bullard hard hat

Nothing says safety more than the classic round-top hard hat. It’s usually yellow, orange or red and often mandatory on work sites that pose a risk of falling debris. Most hard hats are over an inch thick, a preventative measure that not only protects against falling objects but slips and falls, too. A Bullard hard hat is one of the simplest and yet most ubiquitous pieces of advanced safety equipment in existence.

Staying safe on the roadways

Winter is coming. One of the scariest situations a driver can face is a snowy whiteout on the road that seemingly appears out of nowhere. With decreased visibility through the windshield, road construction workers face the danger of not being seen by oncoming drivers. That’s where a bright neon high visibility jacket and a yellow Bullard hard hat can help. Wearing brightly colored traffic safety gear can alert a driver to your presence plenty before they actually approach your work site.

Industrial ear plugs for industrial noise

While ear plugs can play a big role at rock concerts, they play an even bigger one on the job. Working on a construction site often entails enduring heavy machinery use, especially jackhammers and excavation claws, which produce loud noises that can seriously damage your ear drums. A pair of industrial ear plugs can prevent these kinds of injuries — and a good pair won’t run you much more than $10 or $15.

Protecting your hands in a pair of gloves

It’s not enough to pick up a pair of knit gloves from the local market in town. Even the most highly advanced work gloves you find at Home Depot won’t likely do the trick, either. Just as the Bullard hard hat is the standard for head protection, you need a pair of nitrile gloves to give your paws the most potent protection you can. These are specifically engineered to withstand extremely low and high temperatures, making them ideal for working in either freezing conditions on the road or dealing with super-hot substances in a factory.

Of course, you’ll want to consult your project manager for more tips on finding the right equipment for your job. Each work site is different and brings with it a myriad of safety concerns. But the one thing that never goes out of fashion is the classic, reliable and sturdy Bullard hard hat. Good references here:

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