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Creating Opportunities with Online Marketing

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For brick and mortar businesses, internet marking is making big differences. For many, the internet offers an ease of access, and expanded marketing platform that can bring a business up to the next level. However, before jumping into the online marketing scene there are a few aspects of internet marketing that should be hashed out.

Search engines mean business.

However, traditional internet marketing on search engines does not work very well. In fact, 79% of search engine users avoid clicking the sponsored search results. An incredible 93% of people begin their internet experience with search engines. Meanwhile 39% of online sales come from search engine results. Finally, three out of ever four people say that they find what they are looking for on the first search engine results page. Each of these facts point to one internet marketing strategy to get returns better than any other. This strategy is called search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO uses knowledge of search engine algorithms to base strategies on how best to move a business’s link up organic search rankings and answer reader questions. Getting seen and answering questions, or search engine queries, has a close rate 8.7 time greater than that of traditional marketing strategies.

Social media is invaluable. Social media can provide entrance into the single largest market there is on the internet, and it can do so for free. All that social media requires is regularly posted eye-catching copy. Working with social media to produce copy that will be shared on social media means that your company will be taking helping consumers and readers use find your content to share your content. The more you are seen the greater potential your business will have to make sales.

Branding will keep your customers coming. More than anything else, customers hate to feel confused or conflicted on what a business can do for them. If a business projects itself as lacking unity, or as a convoluted communicator, then customers are more likely to stop returning. Branding can allow for a a common image to unite web design, social media and SEO. When Branding, web design will be critical as a launchpad to a other media outlets that can be used to expand the business presence. For this reason branding should begin with powerful and simple web design. The key to using social media and search engine optimization is as tools to farthing the overall brand. This means using consistent messaging, both in what is said and how. Social media and SEO will get a business seen, but when great branding will keep customers coming back.

All three of these aspects can be handled by great resellers. Look for resellers who can handle both SEO and web design as an extension of your marketing team.

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