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Understanding the Bail Process

Arrested in vegas

Bail bond agents can be used to get defendants released from jail as part of their bail stipulations. With the exception of 5 states, bail bond companies use a secured payment to post bail for the accused. Action bail bonds can give you the ability to get your loved ones released on bail and able to resume a more normal life.

The local bail bondsman will evaluate the courts stipulations and provide you with the appropriate paperwork to get Vegas bail bonds in place. They realize that many times the accused are ultimately innocent and just need the time for the case to run its course. In those situations, with Action bail bonds, they are less likely to return to work or to resume their lives due to impending incarceration.

Thanks to the Judiciary Act of 1789, non capital offenses are subject to bail. Depending on the amount of the bail set by the courts, you may be able to pay out of pocket. In certain instances, the bail amount will be fairly high to discourage any risk of leaving the area prior to the end of proceedings.

Before the bail hearing, the accused will have to go through the entire booking process. This has to be completed before they are eligible for release. In most instances, this will include the formal fingerprinting, photographing and personal property searches. Usually they will be checked out in a background search and analyzed for intoxication or extenuating circumstances.

Depending on the charges, they may be allowed to post bail immediately, but typically a bail hearing will occur within approximately 48 hours of being processed. Sometime during this process, you may hear from your loved one as they are given the opportunity to make a phone call. You can take this information to the bail bondsman to discuss securing their bail and release from jail. Links like this.

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