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PPC, or SEO? Why Not Both?

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Internet marketers tend to sit in one of two camps. They either focus on SEO, or PPC services, rarely both. Fortunately, the divide between PPC management services and SEO is actually not as deep as previously thought. Statistics and experience bear out that there is a strong case for using a combination of ROI through SEO, and pay per click management.

  • Professional search engine marketing benefits.
  • Online search engine optimization is currently a very popular topic. Seo companies are available to hire, and they will take care of high quality content generation, link building, social media integration, website optimization, and more. Only 11% of marketers doing SEO in house are satisfied with their program performance, in comparison to 21% who have SEO companies taking care of the work for them. This is am important strategy to use because more than 75% of all search users choose organic links on search engine pages. As a lead generation tactic, SEO is very effective, and is seen so by at least 34% of marketers.

  • PPC management service benefits.
  • Pew Internet has revealed that 58% of people use the internet to research products and services. Having your website easily seen by these people is crucial to obtaining new leads, especially when it comes to Google search engines. The Adwords pay per click model first came around in 2002, and these days Google gets 75% of all paid search clicks and dollars. Significant advantages to PPC include having an easy way to target specific audiences, easy to track metrics, and only paying for the successful performance of a campaign.

Smart marketers know to cover all of their bases, including social media, blogging, advertising, brand, reputation, and search engine optimization. Why pin yourself to just one school of thought, when both have their advantages? If you want more out of your internet marketing strategy, then consider using both SEO and PPC management services. More information like this.

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