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Five Reasons Why Urgent Care for Kids Beats the ER

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Family urgent care facilities are growing. Centers are continuing to expand their treatment options, making long waits in the emergency room a potential problem of the past. Parents who choose urgent care for kids can see an improved health care experience, so here are five reasons to visit a walk in clinic.

1. Between 5 and 20 percent of people in the United States become sick with the flu each year. If you are dealing with children and your primary care physician is unavailable, urgent care facilities can be lifesavers. Choosing urgent care for kids, especially when it comes to the flu and flu-like symptoms, can lead to better care sooner.

2. When it comes to after-hours coverage, only 29 percent of primary care doctors have it. That means less time for your children and their health. Deciding to go with urgent care for kids makes the most sense if you are in a situation that requires immediate medical care. Most cities provide 24 hour urgent care centers for emergency situations.

3. Most urgent care centers focus their efforts on treating acute symptoms in a wide range of patients. As the need for urgent care for kids grows, however, these walk in doctor offices are providing more and more services to help patients get the care they need. X-ray photography, lab testing and even physicals can be provided as needed.

4. No matter what the situation of your child, you can typically find urgent care facilities capable of handling it. Concussions, sprains, cuts and even food poisoning can be examined and treated by doctors just by choosing urgent care for kids. More major issues, like upper respiratory illnesses, can also be easily treated by urgent care doctors.

5. Some states are even allowing what is known as point-of-care prescription dispensing. This lets you fill a prescription right at the facility before leaving in order to provided you the highest quality of service. Picking urgent care for kids could mean getting them their medications sooner rather than later. Check out this site for more.

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  • Dale Cole

    Of course these urgent care places are better because they aren’t swamped with people like hospitals are. But what happens when they become the new ERs?

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