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Five Pieces Of Information That Will Teach You About Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water cooler

The amount of bottled water sales that were in the conducted in the United States in 2011 hit 9.1 gallons which equates to just under thirty gallons per person, but if your company takes advantage of bottleless water coolers, you will pay a much lower price for the same great tasting water. Sadly, 86 percent of recyclable plastic water bottles that are sold in the US actually wind up as garbage, but your company can help to stop contributing to this with the addition of bottleless water coolers. The best bottleless water coolers will also help you to always have good quality water in your building without having to worry about changing bottles all the time.

The phrase water cooler has been used for a long time as a metaphor to describe a place where employees come together in order to gossip, but if your business utilizes the best bottleless water coolers, in your company, it will mean the place where they come to get fresh clean water. It is important to remember that just about all bottled water producers, whether they sell five gallon carboys or individual bottles, are simply selling municipal water that is filtered anyway which means that bottleless water coolers are actually providing the same exact product for a fraction of the price. This makes having a bottleless water dispenser in your building a smart decision.

Fortunately, bottleless water coolers can be purchased in many different sizes and you can even get them in freestanding models or ones that you place on your countertop. This means that if you like the way that filtered water coolers work at your establishment, you can even purchase one for your home. By having such filtered water coolers in both your workplace and your house, you will always have clean water wherever you go.

With a point of use water cooler, you will have all of the same options that you have come to expect from other models. For instance, your employees will be able to dispense both ice cold and piping hot water. This means they will be able to have cold glasses of drinking water or make coffee and tea.

In the end, the convenience of such a dispenser will win out for your business. You will have lower water bills and will be able to provide the same exact product. Your employees will be happy to have quality water in the establishment.
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