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Entertainment Fun in Rochester

In the City of Rochester, regardless of the season, there is never a shortage of Rochester things to do. From festivals to concerts to sporting events, there is something for every one. For those who enjoy outdoor activities there are a number of lovely parks to meet your recreational needs. For those seeking more specific information regarding Rochester things to do there is plenty of fun to be had.

During the winter months in Rochester, NY one usually, but not always, turns to indoor events. Fortunately, there are plenty of Rochester things to do during those blustery February days. There are always concerts to be seen at venues such as the Blue Cross Arena, the RBTL, the Main Street Armory, and the Water Street Music Hall. As for athletics, there are the Rochester Amerks and Rochester Razorbacks. Check listings for Rochester ny events for details.

For children, there is the renowned Strong Museum of Play, which contains more than a days worth of activities and fun for children and adults, alike. The Strong Museum, as it is commonly called, also contains a restaurant and food court, which allows a family to truly make a day of it. The Rochester City Zoo offers a wide variety of animal species including elephants, a new lion exhibit, rhinos, a Tiger, a polar bear, a variety of apes, among many others.

During the summer months the Rochester Calendar is especially crammed with Rochester things to do. Of course, there are all the popular festivals such as the Lilac Festival, the Park Ave. Festival, and the Cornhill Festival. Of course, in the realm of Rochester music is the annual Jazz Fest that takes place in early June, and showcases some of the biggest names in jazz, funk, soul, blues, and rock. Things to do in Rochester during the summer months also include several sporting events such as basketball tournaments, 5K runs, triathlons, and the Rochester Marathon. Rochester things to do also includes professional a sports like the LPGA tournament, the Rochester Red Wings, and the 2013 PGA Championship.

For the person wondering about Rochester things to do, publications like Freetime and the City Newspaper provide complete listings of events in Rochester NY. Both publications are available in print form and online. The print publications can be picked up at public places all of the city of Rochester.

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