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Graduate school is a considerable undertaking. And therefore, graduate schools want to reassure themselves that they are committing limited program space to capable students. One method graduate schools determine graduate student preparedness is through standardized testing such as the GRE and GMAT examinations.The Graduate Record Examination, which is routinely, if not lovingly, referred to as simply The GRE, was first used in 1949. Takers of both tests are allowed up to three and a half hours to complete their exams. The GRE is generally required for programs in the humanities and social sciences, and perhaps some MBA programs. However, most MBA programs and law schools will require applicants to take the GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test.

The considerable weight certain graduate schools place on these standardized tests, make them hugely stressful for most prospective graduate students. Fortunately, there is a GMAT course Chicago or Gmat course toronto location available throughout most larger cities. If one is looking to take the Gmat prep course Toronto, there are courses available all over the United States and Canada. Likewise, there is a GRE prep course available in cities like Chicago and Toronto.

Although people planning on taking the GRE or Gmat prep course toronto will obtain a study guide with which they will work for several months prior to the test, specialized a GRE prep course in Toronto or GMAT prep course Toronto can supplement that study. A GMAT prep course Toronto, for instance, will help a prospective test taker to focus his or her study. Additionally, a GMAT prep course Toronto will provide test takers with useful test taking strategies that will help them accumulate points.

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