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Save Space With a Digital Filing System

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Digital filing makes it possible for an organization to easily consolidate and backup receipts, is this card information, general documents and other paper work. The International Data Corporation reports that 95 percent of information that businesses rely on is still printed, with average worker’s printing 45 sheets per day of paper. This leads to an estimated $6 million to $12 million every year with 1000 workers or more wasting time looking for nonexistent info, recreating info that is not found or failing to find printed information.

The good news is that CRN reports a growth in cloud computing and digital filing system use. About $100 billion worth of cloud computing software will be utilized by 2014. In addition to cutting down on printed paper work concerns, digitally stored files in a cloud are accessible from off site, saving time and space. This additional time and ease of access can be accomplished by using a business card reader, a laptop scanner, a portable scanner or a business card scanner. Portable scanners lead the way as a useful tool for digital filing systems. A scanner that can be taken with a worker anywhere they go makes it easy to collect data and store it in the cloud.

This speeds up the process of data capture and sharing. Learn more about the benefit of digital filing system use at your organization by speaking with a business consultant that can help roll out cloud computing systems for your business.

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