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The Lock Out Tag Out Procedure

Lockout tagout

A lock out tag out procedure is a safety procedure that is used in industry and research settings. This lockout tagout is done to ensure that dangerous machines are turned off correctly and that they aren’t turned on again before they are properly serviced. This is because hazardous power sources need to be isolated and made inoperative prior to starting any type of repair procedure. Anyone who works with this type of machinery must have the proper lock out tag out training so that they know exactly what to do whenever this time comes about.

Typically a lock out tag out procedure will come with lock out tag out kits that are to be utilized at that time. These lockout tagout kits will usually contain a lock that is used to lock up the device or its power source. In this way the machine will be placed in a position so that there aren’t any hazardous power sources that can be turned on while going through the lock out tag out process. Afterwards a tag will need to be affixed to the locked device so that people know that it should not be turned on.

All of this is to be covered during lockout tagout training, which is required by those who are in charge of the Osha lockout tagout procedures. This lockout tagout training is important for anyone who works with these machines. They are required to know how to do the lock out tag out procedure at a moment’s notice.

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