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Pellet Stoves 101

Pellet stoves are modern electronic gadgets with a distinctive design that offer an affordable and sustainable choice for indoor heating spaces. The use of electricity is necessary for the operation of wood pellet stoves. The pellets are added to the hopper from either the top or bottom of the machine.

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The auger, an extended, screw-like component inside the stove, is in charge of moving the pellets to the burn pot once they leave the hopper.

The wood pellets that are used in pellet stoves are of a similar kind to the normal wood. However, pellets are waste from sawmills created from recycled wood shavings and sawdust. Unlike a regular fireplace, pellet stoves use convection to heat a room, and produce less ash hence need less clean-up. High temperatures cause gases to lose density and become lighter, allowing them to float above cool air, which is denser and heavier. Convection occurs when hot and cool air currents are mixed, releasing and transporting heat. The heat exchanger, inside the combustion chamber, prevents the stove’s exterior from getting too hot to handle.

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