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How to Install Tile Flooring

Correct floor preparation is the most crucial phase in a tile installation, which in this case involves removing the old floor, measuring, and using a chisel. To determine your bathroom’s square footage, measure the space’s length and width. Ensure that you have enough tiles for the project to account for potential faults or broken tiles by adding an extra 10%.
Make some straight lines for your tiles to follow by marking them with a snap chalk line, a carpenter’s level, and a measuring tape. When tiling, measure the midway point on either wall (or edge of a wall) and draw a chalk line connecting the opposing sides.

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Using the brand’s manufacturer’s directions, prepare some thin-set mortar in a small space where you will start working, and spread the mortar. Starting at the right corner, you mark and, moving in a straight line, place your tiles onto the mortar.
As you progress, use a carpenter’s level to check that the tiles are level. When the mortar has dried and you are ready to grout, fill in the gaps to achieve a quality outlook similar to that of a professional ceramic tile installer.

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