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What You Need to Know About Residential Roof Installation

Understanding how residential roof installation works may sound confusing, there there are just a few basic parts. Keep reading to learn about residential roof installation practices.

For the roof membrane, you’ll want to use a bretahable membrane. If you do not use a membrane that is breathable, it can cause condensation leading to mold and rot.

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When it comes to title fixing, the old method of fixing every fourth or fifth tile is no longer the accepted method due to the high failure rate where tiles blow off. the new accepted method is fixing every single tile.

Tile batons are what tiles are fixed to on the roof. When it comes to tile batons, it is better to spend more and get graded batons that are made to last.

Tile headlap refers to the overlap between each tile and varies for each roof. You will need to have at least the minimin recommended overlap to stop rain and water from driving under tiles.

Dry fixings used to be fixed with sand and cement but this method had a high failure rate. Because of the failure rate, modern standards now call for mechanic fixing to be used on ridges and hips.

To learn more about residential roof installation, watch the video above!


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