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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10, 20, or 30 years, the constant outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing jobs has been well documented. Despite the fact that the number of Americans employed in the durable goods manufacturing industry has been more than cut in half since 1979, American manufacturing remains active. In fact, the top five industrial manufacturing supply companies generated nearly 50 billion dollars in revenue during 2012.

Although the amount of U.S. based production has decreased substantially since the 1970s, American manufacturing companies are still known for producing the highest quality goods in the world. Of course, in order to turn out high quality consumer goods, manufacturers count on the highest quality industrial tools and equipment available; and they rely on the most trusted industrial supply distributors to deliver those essential tools.

Unless you have worked in the manufacturing industry, you probably will not understand the complexity of the industrial process. Manufacturing involves the precise interaction between thousands of different moving parts, each of which are supported by a sophisticated network of nylon nuts, rubber grommets, plastic cable glands, and screw cover caps. While each of these performs a very specific task, each of those tasks is critical to the precision manufacturing, and the safety of factory workers.

While the safety of workers is the highest priority, industrial protection products like cable glands, rubber grommets and screw cover caps are critical to the protection of industrial equipment. Obviously, if a brass cable gland fails, or a rubber grommet does protect wires in the way it was designed, the thousands of dollars of equipment, as well as worker safety, will be compromised.

For this reason, every piece of equipment must be of the very highest quality, because there is just too much at risk to mess around with anything less than the best. This is why the top manufacturing companies depend on the leading suppliers of high quality industrial finishing products. After all, the highest level of quality and safety can only be achieved with the very best industrial supplies.

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