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Home Developers Use New Innovative Approach for More Effective 2 Story Home Building

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When you have been involved in the 2 story home builders industry for twenty years, you tend to pick up a few things. The custom home builder company, 101 Residential, is a new innovative building company specializing in building 2 storey homes. 101 Residential have developed an approach to building two story homes with a smarter direction that allows them to get the most out of every square meter.

This new approach is made to bring in added flexibility and functionality to the home builders process without increasing the cost. The cutting edge design allows the 2 story home builders to spend the same as many single story options in the housing industry. How exactly is the 101 Residential new approach to building these homes so innovative? Well, that is a secret that will have to be kept with Scott Park, the founder of 101 Residential. If you wish to learn more about this new approach or have any questions about custom luxury home builders contact 101 Residential.


Ryan Walsh 14-11-2013, 21:04

Hmm this is pretty interesting. A 2 story home for the same price as many 1 story homes? I am intrigued. Wonder what his secret is, or maybe advances in technology are just allowing for these projects to be more affordable.

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