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Using BES Policies in a BYOD Situation

Blackberry mobile device management

A BES security policy is a must have for businesses that allow access to corporate data from employee provided mobile devices. Two thirds of employees want their employers IT department to choose their own device, but a third of those admit to not taking steps to ensure corporate information is encrypted or secure. With a BES policy and a clearly outlines Blackberry mobile device management plan, companies can keep their information secure even while their employees are on the go.

A BES security policy can work across multiple phone operating systems. Cloud based device management and BES security policy protocols are infinitely scalable and allow secure connections from anywhere in the world. Well over half of professionals use their mobile devices to access work emails when outside of their office. Mobile device management means that sensitive information is secure no matter where or when emails are being read.

Do not be one of the nearly 25 percent of companies that allow employees bring your own device access to corporate data but do not have device management or security protocols in place. With device management and security policies information is password protected. In the case of an employees phone being lost or stolen BES security protocols allow for phones to be remotely locked or wiped for maximum safety. See this link for more references:

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