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Chimney Cleaning Long Island

Duct cleaning long island

It used to be that chimney sweeps were thought of as scoundrels who took advantage of child labor. You often see them depicted that way in Victorian literature. Today, chimney sweeps are well respected professionals who provide a much needed service. There is a combustible residue that builds up in chimneys that is called creosote. A good idea to keep the risk of a chimney fire down is to use a chimney sweep Long Island.

Chimney cleaning Long Island should be done each year to keep the layers of creosote and soot that can build up inside the chimney cleaned out. In fact, annual chimney cleaning Long Island is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. That way your home won’t be at risk for fire damage each time you light a fire in your fireplace. Not only can a chimney sweep perform chimney cleaning long island, they can also diagnose and repair cracks in your chimney and repair broken dampers and damages in the firebox.

Chimney sweeps today have the advantage of using modern tools like vacuum cleaners and cameras in the course of their trade, but they also still use old fashioned brushes to sweep out and clean chimneys. You can hire a company to come out and do your chimney cleaning Long Island that also does duct cleaning Long Island. Long island chimney repair and duct cleaning new york is also readily available.

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