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Portable Scanners Help Businesses Go Digital In The Cloud

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Despite rapid advances in digital technology, paper based documents remain a part of every day life across the business world. Portable scanners have helped bridge the gap between paper and electronic files. Physical documents can be scanned and the data archived in a computer system, which helps to prevent the loss and misplacing of documentation and other paperwork important to a company or a person. The average business worker in America, according to the Wall Street Journal, loses as much as 40 hours each year because of having to look for lost or misplaced files and desk items. A lot of time can be saved by going digital, but even items such as business cards are important for when on the go. A business card reader will essentially scan the information on the card and store it for later use. Portable scanners are becoming more commonplace and are able to save time by allowing physical information to be stored electronically.

Anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 pieces of paper can be stored in the average four drawer filing cabinet. That is a lot of paper to look through. It can also be hard to organize all of it, even if everything is organized alphabetically, for example. Software applications such as a digital filing system are becoming more commonplace on premise or via cloud based platforms. Much less manpower is needed to arrange things and much time is saved by allowing the program to do the hard work. Data from portable scanners can be directly routed to the specific database or folder they are intended for. A great deal of this is being accomplished with cloud computing platforms. In fact, an estimate from Gartner shows that the cloud computing market overall will reach a net worth of $150 billion in 2013. Something as simple as a laptop scanner will be an essential tool for workers on the go and connected to the cloud.

A portable scanner connected to the cloud enables individuals and businesses to store electronic files directly to the cloud. Files stored in the cloud are safer than physical files, because thieves, fires, or floods cannot get to them, as most of these files are stored in secure, often multiple locations. An inexpensive business card scanner goes a long way in transmitting important contact details into a database. While portable scanners are more popular than ever, many companies are still insistent on using paper documents. AIIM, a content management association, conducted a survey of 882 companies. Released last February, the results of this survey showed most of them believe paper documents are still required for legal purposes. Portable scanners and other electronic technology are booming, but paper is still holding on as a medium for documentation.

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