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Jackson, WY is a beautiful place to live in the wide open spaces of the untamed west. Fortunately for people looking to move to this land of natural splendor, there is a piece of Jackson WY real estate that is just right. Of course one of the reasons that someone might be looking into moving to the area is Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which is known to have one of the lowest base elevations for any Rocky Mountain ski resort.

There are plenty of Jackson Hole homes for sale for those who want to live right in the resort town. For those who want to open a business, there is also quite nice Jackson Hole commercial real estate available. While the mean travel time down to Jackson, WY is only 12 minutes, some might want to live right in the city. Many famous people such as Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock and Dick Cheney all own homes in the Jackson Hole region, probably on fancy Jackson hole luxury real estate. Of course, there is plenty of Jackson WY real estate that people who do not make millions on action movies can afford as well.

In fact, money is something people can save just by purchasing Jackson WY real estate. The Wyoming Taxpayers Association says that the personal tax burden in the state is the second lowest in the nation. This is thanks to Wyoming’s mineral extraction and tourism industries, which bring in large amounts of revenue. To get a comprehensive idea of Jackson hole real estate for sale, do a quick web search. That should turn up lots of properties as well as Jackson hole realtors.

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