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Although email has largely taken over written communication, people still cling to writing letters notes and even postcards. In fact, the first picture postcard dates back to 1940 by writer Theodore Hook. While businesses have consistently devoted more time and effort towards digital marketing, the benefits and effectiveness of traditional marketing strategies and techniques cannot be abandoned.

A popular and cost effective marketing tactic is to use customized postcards for direct mail marketing. These business postcards can be created for specific campaigns, including new product launches, special discount promotions, or invitations. If your business does not having the technical equipment to complete custom postcard printing, you can use an outsource company. Customized postcards if targeted and designed in a compelling way, they can be an effective source of new business.

Using direct mail postcards provides a tangible reminder to your clients about your business. Your customized postcards may sit on a desk for days, but as someone cleans through their things, they will see your postcard. The hope is that your message is compelling enough to prompt a response. The real estate business is an industry that uses customized postcards quite regularly. Whether it is just a message from your realtor or a postcard of a promising listing, real estate postcards are a popular form of marketing.

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