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Archive for January 4th, 2014

Finding Your Rochester Subaru Dealer

Subaru dealer ny

Subaru successfully achieved the rank of 26th largest automaker in 2011 based on their production numbers. Operating as the auto manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries, the Japanese business began as the Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915. Today the company is best known for all wheel drive, their boxer engine, and as one of the best new cars with high safety ratings. Also, they have developed a following based on the Subaru guaranteed trade in program. Fortunately, the local Subaru dealers in the Rochester, NY area fully know about the brand and what it means to a lot of people.

Aside from the power and recognizability of the automotive brand, car dealerships in Rochester NY are no strangers to customer research. These days, the average car shoppers come armed with a lot more information and kno

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