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Archive for January 2nd, 2014

What to Expect When Moving to Naples, FL

Naples florida homes for sale

Believe it or not the real estate market is getting back on track. Slowly in some places, and faster in other, many regions of the country are getting re-accustomed to the idea of private real estate development. More areas are building new homes and filling them more quickly. One of the greatest examples of this uptick in the real estate market is Naples, Florida.

So why is Naples, FL able to offer such a healthy real estate market to newcomers and builders alike?

The number one answer to that question is simple. The Naples, FL economy is healthy. Not only is that economy healthy, it is expanding. Some of the latest addition to the Naples economy is the new Hertz World Headquarters, which relocated from New Jersey. Other drivers of the Naples economy include strong fortune 1000 companies, a

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