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Why Patients Seek Boise Spine Surgery Experts

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About 80 percent of Americans today have trouble with their backs, reporting both minor and major issues that have caused their backs to be in pain. Back pain strikes at any age and affects anyone who is young or old, strong or weak, healthy or ill. It obviously is more common in people who are not in great shape, like people who do not exercise or lift weights regularly and who therefore have weaker core and lower back muscles. But severe pain can happen to the healthiest of us, and lots of times Boise spine surgery is the only answer.

While many back related conditions can be treated through alternative means and through exercising and improve the core’s muscles, oftentimes other conditions are at play that cannot be reversed due to the aging process or due to the condition going too far without treatment. Degenerative disc disease is one such ailment, and it happens to most people through normal aging. Discs cushion the spine, and over time they can diminish in their capacity to keep the spine protected. Lots of people contact a Bosie spine doctor when this condition comes up because the pain is so severe that anything else would not be helpful at all.

A Boise back surgeon has the capacity to treat degenerative disc disease through surgery, but other conditions too. With plenty of Boise residents having lower back pain, Boise spine surgery often is the only solution to alleviate this pain. There is acute lower back pain that can last only a few weeks or less, sub acute lower back pain that lasts anywhere from one to three months, and chronic lower back pain that lasts three months or more. The answers and solutions are very different for each patient, but often Boise spine surgery will help relieve the most chronic cases.

Through Boise spine surgery, the spine’s three segments, which form an S curve and which include the cervical, thoracic and lumber segments, can be treated. Lower back pain is among the most common form of Boise spine surgery, though all segments have their pain and patients have problems in all these areas. A surgeon will first evaluate the source of the pain and then will formulate the answer of whether Boise spine surgery is even necessary. Often, treatment can be sufficed with exercises and small lifestyle changes. But when that will not do the trick, Boise spine surgery comes in.

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