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How To Quit Smoking Pot

Weed withdrawal symptoms

Most people think of marijuana as a soft drug. A soft drug does not seem like a big problem. But did you know that over 46% of marijuana smokers who have quit say that they suffer from vidid nightmares that make it difficult for them to sleep? Most people will tell you that you can smoke a little pot now and then and end up just fine. The truth is that there are many strains of pot out there that are far more powerful than what your parents used to smoke. This is why it is more important than ever for young teens to learn how to quit smoking pot before they become a cannabis addict and have to go through cannabis treatment or deal with severe cannabis withdrawal symptoms. If you would like to help your teenager learn how to quit smoking pot, reach out to a local marijuana addiction and therapy clinic.

The trick will be getting someone that you care about who smokes a lot of pot to quit. Most people do not have a very positive reaction to being told they have a problem with their marijuana use. In fact, you will probably want to propose the idea of getting off of marijuana as a good thing, rather than telling the user that they have a problem. Let them know that while it is not especially harmful to get stoned, it does affect their ability to get certain jobs. Many jobs that drug test will not allow you to work there if you smoke pot.

Once you find a clinic that can help you learn how to quit smoking pot, you will want to find a counselor at that clinic to help you or the person you care about get off of weed. Support groups are a key part of learning how to quit smoking pot. When you spend time around other people that lack motivation or else have had a major problem due to their chronic use of marijuana, you will see that it is not as enjoyable as you thought. Getting stoned may seem like a fun thing to do when you have no work or school to you with, but if you get high all the time, you are limiting your ability to succeed.

You may also want to speak to someone you know that has overcome a marijuana problem. They will help you learn how to quit smoking marijuana and keep you clean in the long run. One important issue on how to quit smoking pot is finding a counselor. You will learn how to quit smoking pot when you work with a licensed addiction therapist who will walk you through the process.

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