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Archive for September, 2013

Save Money on Energy Costs With Replacement Windows

Energy efficient windows and doors

The United States Department of Energy calculates that the use of single pane windows, being insufficient in saving energy, accounts for roughly $30 billion of energy costs. In fact, the same source cites such windows as responsible for more than 25% of energy costs in private residences.

These astounding figures point to a larger problem, one that can be remedied with energy efficient replacement windows. It is very possible that your old windows are not properly insulated, and as such allow for a large amount of heat to be lost from inside the home. You may find that the best energy efficient replacement windows are double pane products, which in addition

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Five Facts You Should Know Before Picking a New Dental Office

One of the things that you might have forgotten to do when you moved to a new city recently is look for a high quality dentist. Here are a few ways that you can go about using dentist office reviews, the most recent review dentists information, and some of the general dental information that you will need now that you live in a new city.

1. If you are looking for a solution to a problem with your teeth that would usually require you to get partial dentures, then the dental implant prices will be well worth it for you. One of the biggest draws to dental implants is that they have a success rate of up to 98 percent and they can last a lifetime with proper care. You should check dentist reviews to find the best places to have this procedure done in your new area.

2. Before you decide to look into dental implants as replacements for the roots of your missing teeth, you should make sure t

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Why Switch to Customized Presentation Folders? Three Facts

Customized presentation folders

Did you know that, in 1981, the pocket folder was patented by Lawrence Dworkin? Today, it is difficult to imagine business without the pocket folder. Not only does it help keep information neat and organized, but it can also be used as a branding opportunity for businesses. Standard presentation folders are almost always pocket folders, since they allow participants to keep handouts and notes inside of the sleeves. If you are thinking about incorporating folders into your company branding, here are three things you should know about your choices.

1. Cheaper than You’d Think

Since custom folders look great, many people might assume that the only reason more people don’t invest in them is beca

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Finding the Best Health Care Agencies and Nursing Homes

Home nursing agency

When planning to acquire assisted living care for a loved one, you want to make sure the best health care agencies will be involved. This also includes knowing the facts of the game before you get too ready to play. In order to help you prepare, here are five facts to consider as you search for good care for your loved one.

1. Full house

Take any nursing home in America. It will likely be about 86 percent occupied, at least based on the national average. When you move loved ones into nursing homes and health care agencies, always ensure that they will not be crowded and that their needs will be met by the workers.

2. The numbers

The 2000 United States census showed that about 4.5 percent of all American ci

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Five Reasons to Ditch the ER and Go for 24 Hr Urgent Care

Urgent care facility

It has been three days now, and your flu symptoms have not gone away. Maybe your ankle still hurts from that basketball game. Maybe a rash has started to take over your arms.

You could go to an emergency room to sit and wait for hours because your condition is not life-threatening. You could choose that unsavory option, or you could consider immediate medical care from a 24 hr urgent care center. Interested? Good. Here are five reasons why urgent care facilities can help your ailment.

1. Urgent by design

The point of a 24 hr urgent care center is to provide quality treatment to individuals whose conditions are not life-threatening. Doctors and nurses provide a preliminary checkup to help identify your issue, then send you on your way wi

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