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Archive for September 11th, 2013

When You Run Out of Room for the Remodel, Portable Self Storage Might Help

Portable storage

When I was younger my father had a collection of very old board games, baseball cards, and collectibles. He kept them on the top shelf of his closet, but over time they overran the closet. Then they overran the bedroom. The day finally came when it was time to sell all of those items and we had to look into portable self storage just to have enough room to sort through everything. Suffice to say, the rest of the house had a clutter issue as well.

After having made use of these pods, which can conveniently be located on your own property, I have to say that there are two very big reasons that they are perfect for any clutter, or remodeling event. If you are weighing your options between offsite self storage facilities, and o

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